What is Song of the Spheres?

ballared2 300x214 What is Song of the Spheres?About Song of the Spheres:

Song of the Spheres, Inc. is a collection of people and programming dedicated to fun, depth, and ease in learning, and, the celebration of life with song and dance.  Serving all areas of the community, Song of the Spheres exists to make music available to all people, even those who “have no rhythm”!

About Len…
Len Mackey is a highly talented performer, facilitator, and teacher, keeping the oral tradition, music, and sacred practices of our ancestors, alive in the modern world; via drum and dance, song and sweat lodge. Forever a student of African music, and the indigenous teachings of the heart, Len is eternally searching for the simple truths that unite all cultures in peace, love, joy, and purpose beyond the self.

Creative work is a mode of honoring all my ancestors and teachers, all those who came before me,  who lived and gave lovingly: that I may be here now, to pass on the goodness in our nature, for generations to come.“  – Len Mackey