Sacred Smudge Kit

smudgekit Sacred Smudge KitMany Native People used the smudge, the burning of herbs, for prayer and purification. Herbs are lit, flame blown out, and herbs are then slowly smoked. As smudging involves heat and burning a clay pot or shell is us as a smudge vessel.

SAGE is used to drive out negative energies, and clear all troubles, bad spirits and mosquitos. It cleanses all people places and things. It a purifier. To connect with Ancestors and Spirit Helpers the smoke carries prayers and blessings from you to the world and all our relations. The sage is picked in CA and found in the arid parts of the western US.

SWEET GRASS is a plant helper burned or positioned on an altar, hearth or window, to say thank you and invite good spirits or ancestors to share in Life. Sweet Grass is also a protector. This sweet grass was picked and braided by natives of the Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation in Nothern NY.

CEDAR, hand picked in the Adirondack park is a plant often used in sweat lodges, and sacred ceremonies to draw in positive energy, and sooth and quiet the mind.

All of these sacred herbs are beneficial to calm, center and ground, uplift, and deepen our state of consciousness. They can be burned any time to release dis-ease and heal. They work instantaneously enhancing all aspects of experience and life. Please use w/ Peace, Love, & Joy!

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