Drum for All People – Drumming for People with Disabilities

Drum for all People began in 2010 with Leap House,  as Drumming for People with Disabilities, and is currently their longest running health and wellness activity.  An experience of group empowerment, and celebration of our essential individuality, the drumming circle brings great joy to clients and staff, and is a powerful healing force in their lives.

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To Whom It May Concern:

The picture above is our daughter Kate and Len during drum circle. Our daughter lives at home and participates in a variety of community-based activities during the day. All through school she obviously enjoyed music and we sought the same opportunities in the community after graduation. That is how we met Len. He had active drum circles in the community and enthusiastically agreed to begin a drum circle of adults with a variety of intellectual disabilities. I have watched this drum circle grow from individuals who beat randomly on their drums to a group who drums collectively, in harmony.

This has been accomplished through the talents Len possesses. He very obviously values each individual and creatively works to find a way for each individual to participate to their fullest capability. He utilizes the drum circle to encourage the participants to express themselves as well as be aware of others in the group and to listen to the dynamics of the group. I only get to listen to the group on occasion and always come away touched by the joy expressed by our daughter and others in the group.

If you have the opportunity to form a drum circle with Len I know you will see the spirit, love and commitment he brings. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We will miss Len and wish him good luck in his ventures.


Linda Reece