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Reiki is one of the oldest surviving forms of energy work. Practice how to be a conduit, to heal, harmonize, and balance with the gentle power of Reiki. Reiki works; like Tai Chi, yoga, acupuncture and acupressure, opening energetic (Ki, Chi, Prana) pathways of the body and allowing for natural ease and balance.

As we heal the self, we heal all life. As we balance the self, we bring balance to our world. As we create harmony within, harmony exists every where we are. -LM

“Self, self, self you may accept or reject this Reiki. Reiki is healing, harmonizing and balancing. Reiki is healing, harmonizing and balancing. Reiki is always given with the highest intention for the most high good of all things.” – Reiki Prayer

What is Reiki?

Reiki, on the level of the literal, is a Japanese word that means “spirit (rei) & universal life force energy (ki).”  AKA;  the energy of life flowing through all things.  Awareness of this universal life force is present on every continent, and in numerous cultures called by many names, and recognized in many ways.  The Japanese word Reiki, or ki, is equivalent to: the prana in sanskrit,  the  kundalini of the Yogi, the chi in Chinese, and of chigong, the force in Star Wars, the shuna of the Apache, the healing energy of Jesus for the Essene, or the healing power of the holy spirit to the Christian.  To name a few.

The practice of Reiki is an ancient form of energy work, the original roots of it stretch so deeply into the soils of time that they become obscure, even unknown.  The practice of Reiki was re-planted in the world by the research of a Japanese Tendai Buddhist, named Mikao Usui.  It has also been said that Dr. Mikao Usui was a Christian educator, who was searching for the methods Jesus used to heal people.    Either way, in his search he studied in the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, where he discovered a form of energy work no longer utilized by the Buddhists.

The archaic Buddhist texts Usui studied, spoke of a system of healing, where the practitioner becomes a channel, or conduit, for the universal vital life force energy. The documents also mentioned specific sounds, and the visualization of symbols, as the way to invoke the energy flow. He learned that it could only be used for the purest and highest purpose, for healing, harmonizing, and balancing, of the physical emotional and spiritual.  However, the exact procedure, and the exact sounds, were not revealed in the writings.

So, in 1860, or was it 1922?  Different sources say different things…None the less, after two decades of researching healing phenomena present in the human spiritual practice, Mikao Usui returned to Japan.  He decided then to climb Mt. Kurama, to fast and meditate for 21 days, vowing to sit until he received the knowledge he sought.

To mark the passage of time he piled 21 small stones, which he then re-piled, one by one, day by day.  On the 21st day Mikao thought he would perish of dehydration and exposure, and as he felt he was dying… when symbols written in golden light flashed down from the sky, and sounds flooded his consciousness.  He felt completely revived and rejuvenated, and knew this was the way, of healing harmonizing and balancing, he had read about, and he called it Reiki.  From then on Reiki has disseminated all over the world, and several different branches of that original have come to be. This is a very brief synopsis of the the Reiki history, now I will share my personal experience with it.

Oddly enough, during my initial Reiki treatment I did not experience much if any physical sensation other than warmth coming from Lorien’s hands.  However, during my second treatment, it felt as if she was moving water that lived just beneath, within, and around the surface of my skin.  It was a most relaxing, and soothing sensation.  After I felt very light, and very grounded.

I first began practicing Reiki on December 18th, of 2000 when I received my Reiki I and Reiki II attunements from a friend of mine, Lorien Eck.  She showed me the symbols and said, ” Buy this book and read the first two sections only.  You know everything you need to know already.”    The amazing quiet following my attunement was like a lucid dream, where I visited other times and places, other lives and faces. I was the water in the deep ocean, and the hawk flying high in the mountains.  I saw myself .  Truly the most vivid, and personal, daydreams I have ever experienced.  I am still amazed at their clarity and depth.  After practicing for almost five years I was blessed to receive my Usui Reiki Master attunement and training by Andrea Piedmonte, on November 13, 2005.  Also a profound experience. Now I practice every day in some way or another, through self healing, distance healing, or working with friends, or clients.

Reiki works according to the receptivity of the person being healed. The person’s openness to receive and heal on all levels is the primary draw of the Reiki energy. Because the practitioner is only a conduit, channeling all the universal life force energy between heaven and earth, Reiki can never be forced and never cause harm.  Any practice that does so is not Reiki, though some may falsely call it that.

Honestly, there are no potent enough words to describe Reiki, its limitless loving warmth, its power to heal, harmonize, and balance, and its positive nurturing effects on my own self, my family members, and friends. I have felt during self healing, when the energy is moving so fluidly that it is like a warm explosion of love in my belly. From my heart to my hands, tickling my soul!  At times it is almost electrical, and little points along the meridian lines of the body, are visually perceivable, and I connect the dots.  If I could describe it in a sound,  it is a deep sigh, a didjeridu, an ommm, or an ahhhh… that kind of rolls along forever…!

I feel deeply given my experiences, that Reiki has the potential to open the heart, an expand ones sense of compassion,  deepen awareness, calm the mind, and settle the emotions. The possible sensations you may experience in receiving Reiki, are as limitless as the waves on the ocean.  As each person is different, each receives and experiences, the benefits of Reiki energy flow in their own way.

In healing others I ask: What did you feel?  People express all manner of response; from no response or feeling, to, “Your hands were so warm!” (Dot Mackey), or  “For one thing, all the pain is gone! I have no more migraine! I felt shifts in the flow of energy in my body” (Robin Einbinder). Recently Elicia Andrews said, “I could hear music.  When you put your hands over my ears I could hear music, like a symphony of natural things!”

Often, after full treatments from head to toe and back again, people are virtually transformed.  I have given hundreds, and each is equally astounding.  Reiki is like living water, intelligent, gentle, powerful, and loving:  it flows through the easiest channel, to the deepest level.  Like the soft music of creation singing in my ear, Reiki is the fragrant melody of the spring, the spring of life pouring down from the mountain, through the valley, to the sea.


Len Ethan Mackey 7/30/07