Shamanic Drumming

The Drum, like meditation, the didjeridoo, and the sweat lodge is a key that opens the door way to our subconscious mind and great potential for healing.


Micheal Drake writes in “The Shamanic Drum – A Guide to Sacred Drumming: In Western culture, there is a great renewal of interest in the practice of shamanism. This surge of interest can, in large part, be attributed to the purity of shamanic cosmology as well as the freedom and individuality of the shamanic experience.  No intermediary such as the church or priesthood is needed to access personal revelation ans spiritual experience. All dimensions of reality and the mystical knowledge and powers they contain are available to one who practices shamanism. Every shamanic practitioner becomes his or her own teacher, priest, and prophet. Shamanic practice brings one ultimate power over one’s own life and the power to help others do the same.

‘Shamanism is the most ancient and most enduring spiritual tradition known to humanity,’ asserts Mongolian shaman Jade Wah’oo. It predates and constitutes the foundation of all known religions, psychologies and philosophies. It originated among nomadic hunting and gathering societies. Within these tribes, the shaman played many roles: healer, seer, ceremonialist, sacred artist, mediator, counselor, and keeper of cultural myths. With their many roles and transcendent insight, shamans exerted great social influence.

Anthropologist define a shaman as one who enters an altered state of consciousness, usually induced by drumming, in order to make “journeys” into alternate realities, seeking the knowledge and power indigenous to those worlds. Shamans utilize this knowledge and power healing and manifesting what is needed to benefit the community.  These ancient shamanic ways have withstood  the tests of time, varying little from culture to culture. Over thousands of years of trial and error, primal people the world over developed the same basic principles and techniques of shamanic power and healing. A whole way of life evolved that was based on Being in Right Relationship.