Event Workshops

Music for All

Bring the magic and joy of drumming to your event! Drumming circles and music making have united humans for millennia and created a safe space in which  all may express, connect, and participate. This program is great fun for all nature of happenings: personal celebrations, business meetings, summer camps, or a conference of Librarians!

“It was the highlight of the SUNYLA weekend!” – Marianne Hebert

(1- 2 hours for all size groups 10-1000+)

West African Drumming

Enrich your program with African culture, rhythm, song, and dance! Play with your own hands the traditional music and instruments of western Africa.  Explore the transformative power reverberating from the heart of a drum, singing together, many as one. While playing this music, you will naturally expand your neuro-network, generate more white blood cells, become more ambidextrous, and focus your mind!

“My whole body is tingling! I feel so alive!” -Elise Hejna

(1-2 hours groups of 10 – 60)

Dance of the Spheres

Move and groove till you melt!  Wake up the body with dance, yoga, creative breath work, song, and stirring laughter to explore your vital inner power, radiance, and joy!  “Everybody dances their whole life. With every step, every time we move our bodies we express our selves, and relate to all those around us.” -LM

(1- 2 hours groups 20-400)
World Music Performance – Somé Élan Vitale

Dance free with music by Somé Élan Vitale!  A bridge of traditional West African music, and a modern beat of the heart.  One cannot help but be moved by the soulful lyrics and melodic orchestration of drums, guitar, and Balafon.  It will make you laugh; make you cry, make you dance and sing so high! Music for any celebration!

(1-4 hours anywhere, anytime, any group)

Song of the Spheres Retreats

Tuning the Self: 3 day Retreat

The essential vibration of the universe is an eternal loving sound; the breath and rhythm of life in creation. Come on this sacred and joyous journey into the sound and healing modalities of our ancestors. We will cultivate the rights of our birth; a relaxed, stable awareness, and a compassionate, open heart. Immersed in the air of nature, close to the earth, we will use experiential tools to heighten all of our senses. We will make music and vibrations that balance the hemispheres of the mind, and slow the brain waves. We will sing, and utilize the sweat lodge, a purification practice our ancestors have engaged in for more than 20,000 years. Learn to build a sacred fire. Kindle the flames within; balance, heal, and tune the self.

African Drum – 3 day Retreat

Play play play, the orchestra of western Africa!  Learn traditional techniques, songs and rhythms for djembe, doundoun, and balafon.  While playing this music you expand your neuro-network, generate more white blood cells, become more ambidextrous, focus your chi, and your mind! Come challenge, uplift, and enlighten!

Reiki I and Reiki II Training 3 Day Intensive

Become an  Usui Reiki practitioner.  Reiki is one of the oldest surviving forms of energy (Ki, chi, prana) work. Practice how to be a conduit, to heal, harmonize, and balance with the gentle power of Reiki.  As we heal the self, we heal all life. As we balance the self we bring balance to our world. As we create harmony within, harmony lives, in all our experience. -LM

“Self, self, self you may accept or reject this Reiki. Reiki is healing, harmonizing and balancing. Reiki is healing, harmonizing and balancing. Reiki is healing, harmonizing and balancing.  Reiki is always given with the highest intention for the most high good of all things.” – Reiki Prayer
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