Tuning the Self

tuningtheself Tuning the SelfTUNING THE SELF

September 10-12, 2010

Blue Heron Farm –  Dekalb, NY

What is your way of being and finding meaning in the world?

Be yourself.  Live your way.  A path is here for you.

Begin Now by Being what it is you wish to become.

The essential vibration of the universe is an eternal loving sound; the song of the spheres, the breath and rhythm of life, and all creation. Come on this sacred and joyous journey into the sound and healing modalities of our ancestors. We will cultivate the rights of our birth; a relaxed, stable awareness, and a compassionate, open heart.

Immersed in fresh air and natural beauty, close to the earth, we will use experiential tools to heighten all of our senses. We will sing, chant, make music and sound vibrations that balance the hemispheres of the mind, slow the brain waves, and raise our own “happiness point”.

We will safely utilize the sweat lodge, a purification practice all of our ancestors have engaged in for more than 20,000 years. Learn to build a sacred fire. See and feel the power of action upon our intentions. Kindle the flames within; balance, heal, and tune the self.

Blue Heron Retreat Center is a 250 acre farm nestled between the St. Lawrence River and the Adirondack Mts. Completely off-the-grid, the farm is Solar/Hydro powered; a true showcase of the splendid, green abundant beauty Northern New York has to offer, and a pioneering example of Earth Conscious Living.

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Only 2 hours from Ottawa, Canada, and Syracuse, NY it is a an easy access for international travelers.


Registration cost is on a sliding scale relative to annual household income. Fee includes camping/parking and 6 gourmet meals.  Don’t want to camp?  Please contact us to reserve a room at a nearby hotel or bed & breakfast.

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